Course Info

What is Film Studies about?

This course aims to extend students’ understanding of all aspects of Film. Whether you are interested in Hollywood blockbusters or World Cinema, this course will offer new cinematic experiences.

What will you study?

At AS level, you will be introduced to the key ideas and terminology of Film Studies, through your coursework, which will comprise a written analysis of a sequence from a film of your choice, along with a creative project which involves making an extract of a film in a small group, accompanied by a piece of analysis of the work written up on a blog. The exam in the summer involves three elements: a study of the film industry and its audience, particularly through the analysis of source material such as posters and websites, a study of how crime is represented in contemporary British films and a comparison of two American films from different historical periods.

At ‘A2’ the coursework again involves a mixture of individual work: a research project built around a film of your choice and group work: making a 5 minute film plus a DVD commentary. For the A2 exam, you study Spectatorship and emotional response in film viewing, an aspect of World Cinema such as Urban stories, and finally a detailed case study of a single film.

How will you study this subject ?

There will be screenings and analysis of different types of films. You will use the internet for research, do some practical film-making, small group and whole class discussions, note-taking and essay writing. In your own time, you will be expected to broaden your cinema viewing experience by watching films you may not have considered before, read film magazines and research into specific unit related areas.


The coursework in the AS year is worth 40% of your overall grade and the exam 60%. At A2, both coursework and exam are worth 50% each. The exams are skills orientated, but you will be expected to write knowledgeably about the material studied.


About 20 of our students each year go on to study Film at a higher level.

Combination with other subjects

Film Studies works well with many other subjects, notably Media Studies, Art and Photography.

What’s the difference between Film and Media Studies ?

The main difference is that Film focuses on analysis of film texts and the cinema industry, rather than a broad range of media.